Tools of the Trade

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SOPHE has published Tools of the Trade columns since 1992. Starting as a series of articles in SOPHE's News & Views newsletter, Tools featured practical guidance - in a format that was easy to read, save, consult & apply - that supported practitioners. Over time, as its popularity grew, the Tools column became a regular feature in Health Promotion Practice, SOPHE's peer-reviewed practice journal.

Tools columns are generally two to four pages presented as bulleted items, easily accessed how-to job aids on key health education and promotion functions and responsibilities. The columns have evolved over time and cover a wide variety of topics, but always with the common purpose of providing practical job aid for health education and promotion practitioners.

Tools of the Trade Vol. 1 and Tools of the Trade Vol. 2 are available via SOPHE’s online store.

Tools of the Trade Vol. 3 is available in e-book format via